Production unitary enterprise "FreBor" 

was established on December 29, 1989 as Belarusian-German joint venture Fresenius-Borisov-Dializotechnik Ltd by the agreement between the Government of the Soviet Union and the German firm "Fresenius Medical Care" (FMC) - global leader in the area of dialysis

Production capacity based on unique FMC technologies and designed to produce 2 million dialyzers and 2 million sets of blood lines per year were commissioned in May 1992.

Production of universal medical transfusion-infusion set UMS and other import-substituting products, which production now fully covers the needs of the Health Care of the Republic of Belarus was started in 1993. Two manufacturing lines for polysulfone fibers of main filter element of capillary dialyzer were started up in 1994 and 1997.

Quality of our products is a fundamental requirement for the production cycle.

"At the centre of all efforts of the enterprise is HUMAN HEALTH AND QUALITY OF HUMAN LIFE". These words are not only main quality and ecology policies of Unitary enterprise "FreBor", but also slogan for each employee of the enterprise. Continuous improvement in effectiveness of Integrated Management System as a part of Quality Management System has contributed to the progress of this result.

Quality Management System has been operated in "FreBor" since 1995.

In the same year the first certificate of the TÜV International Organization for certification of Quality Management Systems TÜV PRODUCT SERVICE (TÜV), Munich, Germany was obtained, confirming its compliance with the requirements of ISO 9002:1994 and EN 46002:1993 (ISO 13488:1996 later on).


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